Next RethinkingOurselves meeting: Sunday, 1/17

Hello all! The next RethinkingOurselves meeting (in English) is taking place on Sunday, 1/17 at 3pm, at the Catmints Cafe.
羅斯福路二段101巷9號, (捷運古亭3號出口) (02)8369-1271
Roosevelt Rd, Sec 2, Lane 101, No. 9. MRT Kuting Exit No. 3

The article we are discussing is from the Economist.
Women in the Workforce

There is a short related article that is worth reading, too, for extra argumentative (ha!) value.

There are comments to the story, too. Fanny notes that they are sure to piss me (Angela) off. Since I'm enjoying my Wednesday, I'm going to leave this for later in the week. However, I'm sure they'll be very instructive in illustrating concepts that the article glossed over.
Comments to Women in the Workforce article.

Happy reading!

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