Questions to Ponder
1. Are you entitled?
2. Is entitlement ‘how things are’? Can it be changed?
3. Is racism a form of entitlement?
4. Is sexism?
5. How about consumerism?

6. What does this sentence from the first article mean?
“And what of the people who take advantage of the … oppressed, … who compare their iniquities against … Anderson's and see … a reassuring distance?”
7. Do you agree with the author of the first article, when she says,
“There is only saying no to the indignities one human visits upon another—prejudice, hatred, humiliation and pain—or saying yes.”

8. What does ‘respecting your parents’ mean in Chinese culture?
9. What does ‘respecting others’ mean in Chinese culture?
10. Is ‘respect’ in the Confucian ideal separable from hierarchical social structure?

Discussion Question:
What is respect?

Choose a side:
Team A) Respect is ‘giving face’ and avoiding causing people to ‘lose face’ by observing proper social behavior and conforming with social custom.
Team B) Respect is accepting others’ personality, choices and actions without expecting them to conform to your own personality choices and actions.
Team C)   Moderator
Team D) Respect is ___________________.

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