Questions to Ponder:

1. What is accepting responsibility?
2. How can failing to accept responsibility result in negative consequences?
3. What do people believe who have not accepted responsibility?
4. What terms are used to describe those who have not accepted responsibility?
5. What behavior traits need to be developed in order to accept responsibility?
6. What are the steps in accepting responsibility?

7. What is our responsibility to society? To family, to friends, to ourselves?

8. What is the cost of cheap goods?
9. Pollution from manufacturing?
10. Does measuring the economy in money discount many of the real costs?

11. If people are born as a random event, does that mean they have no responsibility to the world?
12. Are caring and responsibility the same thing?
13. Can a person not be a part of the world?

14. What is the intersection between self-interest and responsibility?

Debate Question:
To what extent are we responsible to/for other people 
[family, friends, strangers, other countries, all of humanity]?

Choose a side:
Team A) We are responsible to/for family and friends.
Team B) We are responsible to/for no one but ourselves.
Team C) Moderator
Team D) We are responsible to/for the entire world.
Team E) [make your own position on who we are responsible to/for]

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