How do you raise a child in a healthy way?

How do you raise a child in a healthy way? First of all, what it does NOT mean is that you ‘teach them’ what their needs are. So much of ‘teaching’ is about giving somebody what you think they need, without knowing if it’s actually the right thing for that person. It’s also not just about letting the child ‘make choices’. Being given a choice between A, B, & C is meaningless when you really want H. Also, you’re often still just giving them something you think they need, instead of taking the time to figure out with them what they really need.

Knowing the difference between what people tell you to want, and what you REALLY want.

What is advertising for? Most people would probably say it’s about letting a customer know about what goods and services are available, or telling you why you should buy their product and not someone else’s. But more and more, advertising is really about telling you what you need.

My question is, why do we need advertising to tell us what we need? Don’t we already know? To look into this, let’s talk animals for a moment.


「什麼都不做」真的就是字面上的意思,一點事都不做;不要教、不要說、也不要給。這樣怎麼是教育?我想,很多人心中不免產生疑問。但是,美國Sudbury School就是用這樣的方式在教育學生,老師只在學生提出需要時,給予協助,不主動給予。學生對於「學習」這件事的反應,反而超乎我們的想像。

7/15 (五) 思,英語討論會 2: What would our culture look like without the packaging?

這星期五7/15在「思‧英語討論會」我們將討論我們如何周圍有漂亮的衣服,美麗的人,看來美味的食品的圖片。這種圖片和買的產品有差別嗎? 如何影響我們? 來參加我們的討論吧!




Hi, 我們英文討論會要重新開始啦!12次的系列是這個星期五 7/6, 7:30開始的, 在新的北平路的空間。 500元一次。 可以試驗一次, 登記必須最少六次。