The Subtle Benefits of Racism

Questions to Ponder:
1. Are Taiwanese people racist?
2. Are Chinese people racist?

3. The cartoon here speaks mostly about American experience of racism. Do you know any stories about a Taiwanese/Chinese experience of racism?

4. Why do Chinese people prefer to invest in China, rather than Indonesia, or the Philippines, or Malaysia?
5. Why are there anti-Chinese sentiments in Malaysia?

6. Why are white foreigners called 'waiguo ren' [=foreign people] in Taiwan, and brown foreigners called 'wailau' [=foreign workers]?

7. Are ‘ethnic differences’ the same as ‘racism’?
8. Are Hakka people systematically discriminated against?
9. Are Min-nan people systematically discriminated against?
10. Are Waisheng people systematically discriminated against?
11. Are Aboriginal people systematically discriminated against?

Discussion Question:
Does racism exist in Taiwan?
Choose a side:
Team A) No. Taiwanese people are very tolerant of and friendly to foreigners.
Team B) Yes. Every time we have an election, there’s a race issue in Taiwan.
Team C) Moderator
Team D) No. There may have been problems in the past, but now everyone’s got the same opportunities as everyone else.
Team E) Yes. Chinese people think people lighter than them are superior, and those darker than them are inferior.
Team F) It’s not important. The M-shaped economy is a bigger problem for Taiwanese people, we’re just wasting our time with the ‘ethnic differences’, it’s just a political issue.
Team G) No. ___________________________________________.
Team H) Yes. ___________________________________________.

Amptoons: Denial, It's a White Thing



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