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一堂課2.5小時,分成三個部分: 人物畫、故事發展與整併。
在「人物畫」的部分, 我們輪流擔任模特兒用炭筆畫人物畫、人的面部表情、與絨毛動物玩具,目的是訓練觀察力,與抓出比例,怎麼準確抓住細微的實像。我們也同時學習如何以批判的眼光,來看待自己與他人的作品,藉以彼此相互協助發展自己。


如果您對課程有興趣, 可以與我們聯絡。 五個人即可成班。 課程會在我們中山北路的空間或其他您選擇的地點舉行。新竹以北都可以。
聯絡email: 手幾: 0921613420 (Angela)

「Graphic Storytelling」 is first of all about learning how to tell a story through drawing. Along the way we also develop ourselves as artists through critical thinking and close observation of the real world. At the end of the course the student should have a better understanding of themselves as creators, and acquired skills in observation, expression and narration.

The 2.5 hour session is divided into three parts, Figure Drawing, Story Development and Consolidation. In Figure Drawing we take turns drawing live models and stuffed animals to practice skills of observation, proportion and accurate notation of details. We also learn how to look at our own and others’ work with a critical eye, in order to learn how to develop our own work and help others develop theirs. In Story Development we investigate emotional and gestural expression, as well as story telling techniques and strategies. And finally in Consolidation, each day we take what we have learned and try to create a finished product, which helps us bring together practice and experience of the day’s lessons.
At the end of the course we embark on a bigger project, incorporating color which of course makes it more difficult, in order to use everything we learned about storytelling and expression to make a finished story in panel or book form.

Dispossessed Workshops

Come join the five Dispossessed Workshops at the RO Studio!

The discussions will happen on the following dates, all Tuesdays at 8pm.
Address and Map

May 6 Freedom, Responsiblility, Initiative
May 13 Owning or Using
May 20 Possession: Luxury, Scarcity, Consumerism
May 27 How Boundaries Work
June 3 The Structure of Power

Links take you to the discussion wiki, where you can see the discussion guide for each workshop and also transcripts from the Becoming workshops held in April.

Our discussion will be centered around the book The Dispossessed by Ursula K. Le Guin. Here's a link to the entire book in English--it'll be extremely helpful to the discussions for you to read the book.

The main topic of our discussion is community, or kind of the ethics of community, as it relates to things like freedom, responsibility, initiative, boundaries, ownership and power. We'll be using the anarchist society described in The Dispossesed as a kind of lens to focus the discussions.

“The law of evolution is that the strongest survives!” asserts a character in The Dispossessed, to which the main character Shevek replies, “Yes, and the strongest, in the existence of any social animal, are those who are most social. In human terms, the most ethical.”

Is our ethical understanding of community what makes us strong as a community?

A community is formed of individuals, and these individuals make choices out of the ethics of their own conscience, or not. However they choose, they are interacting, cooperating and sharing with the others in the community, and so their actions impose obligations on themselves and also the others in the community. How does this all work out? What is the fairest arrangement of community, for both the group and the individual?

Come and let's figure it out together!