The Road Farming Has Travelled

Questions to Ponder:
1. Is profit a sustainable practice??
2. Could it be that in fact we have been living on the riches stored up for 1000 years, and have blown it all in a century?
3. If this is true, we’re like 3rd generation of a rich family. The first two generations have successfully built up a business and turned it into an empire, the third generation bankrupts the company before his life is over and dies in penury.

4. It points out that the American farmer built up huge farmholdings without really gaining any great wealth. Which makes you doubly wonder why they did it. Most American farmers are deeply in debt to banks, machinery companies and especially seed companies. Was the American farmer sacrificed for others’ profit?

5. Sometimes it seems that modern people think that things can just be made out of nothing. That there’s no source. It just appears like ‘voila!’ in the store and is available to buy.
6. Our cult of the artificial: everything can be made from nothing, for almost no cost.

7. Why do empires only last for awhile?
8. Why did the Ancient Greek civilization die out in the 2nd or 3rd century?
9. Why did the Roman Empire come to an end?
10. Why did the Chinese empire last for so long?
11. Why did the Ching dynasty finally fail?

12. What are the ethics of transferring the wealth of the land into endless manufactured goods?
13. Or how about the ethics of transferring the wealth of for instance, indigenous forests in South America in the form of natural fertilizers like guano to the land in England so it can continue to be unsustainably farmed?
14. Do we have a responsibility to take care of the land?
15. What about in terms of wider self-interest?

Discussion Question:
What are the ethics of transferring wealth?

Example A:
If I have behaved irresponsibly and thrown away the resources of myself and my group, is it okay for me to get a part of others’ resources, if I have the money to pay for it?
Example B:
If I can pay less for something, possibly even less than the true cost of making that something, is it okay to buy it?

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