Boxing Day Party at The Studio

Boxing Day的聚會真是太棒了!
The Boxing Day Party at the Studio was really fantastic.

We had really good food, thanks to Oma Ursel's German Restaurant. It was so good that we totally forgot to take pictures of the buffet, which is a pity, because the food came in really lovely professional catering dishes.
I really had a good time. What a great group of people!
One of the best aspects of the party was that the people working around the table creating boxes was like a really good example of what The Studio's The School project is about: a group of people of different ages and skill levels sitting together, each working on their own project, and teaching each other what they each know how to do.
I felt like the Studio really came alive with its purpose, which is to bring amazing people together, so they can connect up and maybe even learn things from each other.

Thank you for coming and making the party such a good time. I'm really looking forward to the next get together.



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