Additional information for 12/21 meeting

你們好, 這是美幸or Miyuki. 我選擇主題的時候沒有想太多,所以我選擇的youtube video 對不會英文的成員來說不太方便。因此我要給一個簡單的解釋。
I guess you'll do 的意思就是-我不覺得你很特別,但是你夠。 翻譯到中文聽起來怪怪的。。。在video裡面,她說一些美國人所想到的“理想的人生”。。譬如說,找到一個另一半,跟他們談戀愛,1-2年後跟他們結婚,再來1-2年後買個房子,再來1-2後生一個女兒,一個兒子。。。等等。。。在這個過程中,她很有幽默地說“即使你不特別,但是沒關係,因為我們的人生是誰都過的,誰都認為是理想的生活。最後,她說 “你(她的老公)會先過失,然後由於人生太無聊我也等一下會死亡。
我想到的問題就是,對我門來說理想的生活如何?過很普通的生活有沒有問題?如果我們像video裡面的女生放棄,怎麼辦?放棄跟對現在的情況已經滿足了有甚麼不同?除了這些問題以外下面也有其他的疑問。如果你看不懂的話,請你留message然後我可以翻譯 :) 不好意思我的中文真的很差!!

First, I recommend that everyone watch the video before reading the following and write down a few questions or reactions in response to the video.
There are a lot of things that we can talk about after watching this video but here are a few thoughts that came to my mind as I was watching the video.

1) What are we doing to achieve our goals? Are we simply letting society construct our futures?
2) What happens when we say "I guess you'll do." In other words, we settle for something mediocre. Are we giving up or are we happy with what we have? What's the difference?
3) What should we do if we're bored? What makes us feel bored or engaged?
4) Most people in the U.S. at least dream of having the life depicted in the video. If they have this kind of life, they're considered "happy." Is it good to have a population of people that are happy with mediocrity, pattern, ignorance and zero motivation? On the same note, should there only be a small group of privileged folks who live fulfilling and creative lives, unique and intellectual? How did this happen?
I hope we can have as engaging a discussion next Monday as we did at the last.



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