Hsinchu Discussion of Privelege

Dark skin means you work in the sun, so it means you do physical low-paid labor. If you had white skin it was likely you got to spend all your time indoors, meaning you had money, so white skin historically has meant having ownership.

Why do we like to put people into groups?

Because being an individual is vulnerable. We feel safer in groups.

Because it’s easier to understand people

…to identify who they are where they’re from.

if you can identify them with a group, it’s because you know the group, then you’re not dealing with something unknown.

I agree with Inglen. Maybe we want to know this guy come from or what group he belongs to because we can interact him or her with their social language.

We can predict what they’re going to do or say.

I’m curious, are you an American, have the same idea with us. We think British are more conservative, and German people practical and French are more

Stereotypes have a grain of truth. A group is more easy to follow the stereo type, than an individual.

When you’re in a group, you work to fit into it, so you’re more likely to reflect the values of the group, so you’re more likely to act stereotypically

And individuals, it’s much harder to apply stereotypes to individuals, but its still possible, because we sometimes act in stereotypical ways.

But the problem with stereotypes is…

Why is stereotype a negative word.

It means that you’re all the same, you have no creativity.

If you identify a member of a group with a stereotype, it’s easy to dismiss them as unimportant.

In Chinese culture if you are the first son or grandson in the family, he will get more larger privilege than other levels. Even higher than his aunts.

Closing statements
in this one minute I’m going to talk something about Inglen. It’s amazing, we’ve been here for a couple of time, it’s amazing to see her express herself very time…If I were your age right now, with this attitude of yours, but I still feel so good about her, how she is so bold with her vocabulary and sentence structure. I so want to be able to go back and be like her at that age. To have this kind of courage, from like 10 minutes ago, when you are so brave. I feel happy to see that.

actually I like to have any privilege, and I think we should not proud of privilege if we really have some privilege.

first, thank you sue. I always ask myself to dismiss the first impression of others. I kept the positive opinion to everything. Of course sometimes I will be depressed by things, but I still deal with the situation. Maybe if a take a good look at my situation and my study and my advisor, he thinks I’m great and assigns a lot of work to help her finish her job. My classmates probably wonder about why. I am always the first assigned to do something. I think I work harder than others, and if my advisor assigns the job I won’t sleep till its done, so I can always finish my work. He trusts my ability and he trusts me. I don’t feel it’s a privilege, but I try to do my best for everything. I try to keep focused on the main situation, not on what others thing.

I think as she said, all things have two sides. I think everyone has unique privilege, I don’t think its good or bad. So women might have privilege to be weak, but then they hit the glass ceiling. Males have privilege to have promotion, but then males have pressure to support their family. So we just cherish our privilege and also have to think about the bad side.



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