The Birth of a Sustainable Economy in the Moray Firth Region of Scotland

Questions to Ponder:
1. Is there a ‘fundamental clash between the economy and the ecology of the Earth’, as it says in paragraph one?

2. In paragraph 8, it says, “the economy cannot be treated as a 'thing' which can be fixed by economists….The economy is an … interconnected, cultural wholeness, which links to our food, energy, houses, communities, values and our own children, as well as to our businesses and our trading relations.” Do you agree?

3. How can we solve the problem of unemployment, or the problem of unequal wealth?
4. Is this something that can be addressed by the ecological movement, or is it a separate issue?

5. If Taiwan is doing well economically, does it mean that every citizen benefits?
6. If so, do they benefit equally?

7. When corporations don’t act in the interests of society, should they be censured?
8. Are corporations selfish?
9. When do corporations act in the interests of society, and when are they only looking out for themselves?
10. do corporations have a natural right to exist?
11. Should they be threatened with termination if they threaten our existence with pollution and other ills?

12. What is ‘wealth’?

13. What, if any, of the following list do you consider to be a component of wealth?
• money
• a stock portfolio and other investments
• an expensive/large/beautiful house
• a expensive/large/beautiful car
• leisure time
• a good education
• being able to work at a job you like
• fresh and delicious food
• easily available food
• plumbing and a flush toilet
• clean air
• low stress levels
• low noise levels
• low levels of pollution
• an absence of garbage

Debate Question:
What makes a society wealthy?
Choose a side:
Team A) If the economy is going well, the society is wealthy.
Team B) If everyone in the economic system has good quality of life, then the society is wealthy.
Team C) Team C’s job is to exercise critical thinking. Their role is to act as the moderators and clarifiers of the discussion. They must ask hard questions of the other teams. They must point out when similar-soundings statements made in the discussion are actually different. They may play ‘devil’s advocate’, (taking positions opposite that of the speaker in order to get the speaker to more precisely explain their position on the topic).
Team D) If most people in the economy have enough money, then the society is wealthy.
Team E) If everyone in the economy is living in balance with their surrounding ecology, then that society is wealthy.

The Birth of a Sustainable Economy
in the Moray Firth Region of Scotland, 1995 - 2015



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