Next meeting is NEXT WEEK, 9/13!

It's a rethinkingourselves bonus meeting! Our next meeting is next sunday, September 13, at Catmints Cafe.
Angela is the moderator.

Actually, the reason we're doing the next meeting so soon is because it's a follow-up topic. We talked about privilege this week, and how not recognizing the privilege of being the race in power makes it difficult for white people to make the world a better place. We also talked about how not recognizing their own privilege makes it difficult for men to make the world a better place.

It's all in the attitude. If people recognized that we're PEOPLE first, and women/men/chinese/black/white second, the world would be a very different, and much more fun, place.

We've all got different obstacles. If we just recognize that everyone is dealing with different obstacles, and who is successful is not necessarily so because they're 'the best', and that no particular way of being is 'the best', then the world would be a different, and more interesting, more fun place.

Which brings us to the article for next week:

This article, "White Supremacy Culture" is a list of characteristics that the authors found to be true of white supremacist. White supremacy is the idea that white people are superior to all other kinds of people.

When I read the list, I had to double take. Some of the things listed are my own bad habits, learned at school, at the office, and some at home, from my dad. It really made me think about the things I don't like about white culture, and some things that I don't like about myself.

I think it would be interesting to discuss how many of these characteristics are present in Chinese culture, if at all. Or how many of these characteristics are present in Taiwanese institutions, to the extent that they have been affected by contact with global or 'western' culture.

Some questions for you:
What are the hallmarks of white culture?
How much of these hallmarks are present in global culture (globalism)?
Is global culture white culture?
Is business culture white culture?
Is science culture white culture?
How many of the characteristics listed can be found in Taiwanese government or school system or business culture?
Would you say they are exclusive to white culture?

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  1. hello guys,

    I have seen Maggie's message about this meeting, but I am in Malaysia right now so I could not join you. Hopefully I could see you guys in October!


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