Oh HELL no!!

Don't you find it very disturbing that Mainland China's "Public Peace" police will be allowed to patrol in Taiwan and arrest whomever they like? Why is Taiwan compromising its sovereignity? And why did only one news channel report about this?

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And for a side note:
Why Hsiao Bi-khim (蕭美琴) is really cool.
A similar story in English here.

From the Taipei Times editorial on May 12:
The problem, however, is that the level of trust necessary for this measure to be undertaken is lacking and crime-fighting in the Taiwan Strait does not threaten security to the extent that it would make this move imperative — not to mention the odious symbolism of the presence of Chinese police on Taiwanese soil.

Another factor that, in other scenarios, makes officer exchanges possible is mutual recognition of sovereignty among all participants and the limits on extraterritoriality that this implies.

When it comes to China, however, the fact that it does not recognize Taiwan as a sovereign state and claims it as its own poses additional problems. Among these are the specters of the application of Chinese law on Taiwanese territory and the reinterpretation of Taiwanese laws that could stretch the definition of crime to include “splittism” and speech on topics that are illegal in China.



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