rethinkingourselves 2.0

Hello, and welcome to the new discussion series!

The discussions will now be held once a month, in Taipei. Each month will be hosted by a different member of the group, who will choose the article and moderate the discussion. The article may be in English or Chinese. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join, no prior notification necessary!

Our next discussion will be held on Sunday April 12, at 3pm, at Goethe Cafe. Maggie is the moderator.

Goethe Cafe
Address: Roosevelt Road, Sec 3, Lane 283, No. 11
Tel: 02 2362 0060
Subway exit: Taipower Building Station exit 2



這是意見留言版! 我真心想要聽到每個人想法及看法,因此,拜托留下你的署名!